MEA and Lytle Associates recently took advantage of the warm summer evenings to meet up for a friendly rounders match. Quite a few of us hadn’t played since we left school many years ago so were somewhat rusty and needed to quickly google ‘how to play rounders’ before the match.


Lytle Associates definitely had age on their side and so MEA resorted to borrowing a few children to help bring down the average age of the team, and we did just about manage to give them a run for their money during the first match.

We nearly had to stop play on a couple of occasions, firstly when a back handed hit sent the ball off into the stinging nettles and later on when a very hard hit from the Lytle Associates team sent the ball flying across the park right into the mouth of a playful Labrador who thought it was great fun to have people chasing him round the park trying to retrieve the ball.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) no-one took score but it’s probably safe to say the youth of Lytle Associates were definitely the stronger team. Many thanks to everyone (including the dogs) who came along to play and support.

The final highlight of the evening was trying to put away the pop-up tent… but luckily when surveyors and architects work in partnership we make the impossible possible. #teamwork