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Employer's Agent Services

Specialist management for successful delivery of your design and build contract.

Steering your project with precision, from inception to completion, while safeguarding your interests and ensuring project excellence.

Our experienced team acts as an employer’s agent for clients where a design and build contract is in place from tender to completion. Contracts, costs, and great communication – we manage the contractual and administrative aspects of the whole project within the timelines set.

Trusted representative
Overseeing the entire project lifecycle, we attend client, design team, project and site meetings to coordinate the construction project seamlessly on our client’s behalf and navigate complexities.
Upholding high-quality standards
We ensure the project meets the client’s quality requirements – safeguarding interests, ensuring compliance with relevant standards and specifications, and value engineering on the construction.
Procurement support
We help clients make well-informed decisions through procuring suitable contractors and consultants and managing the tender process to select the right team to deliver effectively.

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