Looking back at Farnham Mill Nursing Home

The MEA team are working tirelessly (from home of course) trying to progress projects where possible during these testing times. However, as many of our live construction sites are now understandably closed for the foreseeable future, we thought it would be a good opportunity to look back over some of the amazing projects we have worked on in the past.

We have all very much come to appreciate the amazing work that the NHS is doing in caring for our society, but in addition to the amazing work going on in hospitals, many of our vulnerable elderly community are being cared for in nursing homes. So, we thought it would be appropriate for our first ‘looking back on’ article to feature the beautiful Farnham Mill Nursing Home and celebrate the amazing service they provide to their residents.

MEA were honoured to provide Employers Agent and Quantity Surveying services on the construction of this new unique and luxurious nursing home. This stunning 60 bedroom home is located in Farnham, Surrey and specialises in elderly care, nursing care, dementia and end of life care.

Woodlands Hillbrow Residential Homes have specialised in providing elderly care for over 40 years at their existing care homes in Farnham and Fleet, and Farnham Mill was built on the same strong foundations and principles. All the nursing homes in the group offer exceptionally high standards of comfort and care for the elderly, with every feature and element of their design developed to offer a comfortable, stimulating and compassionate environment.

Construction of the building works were completed by MCS Construction in June 2018, and we really enjoyed being part of the team delivering this exceptional new facility. It even provided MEA Director, Sean Goodall with the opportunity for a new career highlight… operating a trundle wheel!



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