Richard Petterson becomes MEA’s Mental Health First Aider

In an ongoing effort to foster a culture of mental well-being within MEA, we are proud to announce the qualification of MEA Hother London Office Director Richard Petterson MRICS as our internal Mental Health First Aider (MHFA). Richard recently completed the comprehensive training program offered by MHFA England, equipping him with the necessary skills to recognise changes in mental health, initiate conversations, and guide individuals towards appropriate support.

Richard’s journey through the MHFA training has been both interesting and empowering. He shares, “The MHFA course has been incredibly valuable for me personally and professionally. It’s not just about learning to identify signs of someone struggling with their mental health; it’s about understanding the complexities of mental health and gaining the confidence to offer support effectively.”

Richard recognises the unique challenges faced by those in our industry. Juggling multiple priorities and solving complex problems, the nature of the work itself can contribute to stress among staff. With his newfound knowledge and skills, Richard feels more equipped than ever to provide support and guidance to his colleagues. “I now feel confident in my ability to approach conversations about mental health and offer support. It’s about creating a safe space where individuals feel heard and understood,” he adds.

Richard’s role as a Mental Health First Aider underscores our commitment to promoting a culture of well-being within the business. By investing in initiatives like the MHFA training, we can prioritise the mental health and resilience of our team members, recognising that their well-being is paramount to their success and job satisfaction.


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