Welcome Church opened the doors to their new chapel

The Welcome Church in Woking welcomed over 1,200 guests when it opened the doors of their new purpose-built chapel on 19th January. Previously known as the Coign Church, the Welcome Church has been part of the Woking community for over 140 years and during that time have been located in 5 different buildings.

MEA provided Project Management and Quantity Surveying services to the new detached Church Auditorium, designed to provide a dedicated space for many of the Church’s activities. The £5 million project has been funded entirely by the church in order to provide a facility suitable for the growing congregation and enable them to relocate back to their original location. In fact, since opening, average congregation numbers have increased from approximately 550 to over 700 in a matter of weeks.

Works included the demolition of 9 buildings to the rear of the of the site, which were in a state of disrepair and were no longer meeting the current needs of the church. The design of the new chapel was strongly influenced by the Church’s existing building, remaining low rise and respectful of the location. The use of coloured glazing is a unique feature and is illuminated with back-lighting to enhance its external appearance.

Architect: Plan A

Contractor: O&D Construction



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