This month’s featured project is a fabulous new-build Passivhaus nestled on the Wiltshire borders. Completed in December, this project is a super example of modern elegance and energy-efficient design.

What is a Passivhaus?

Passivhaus is an international energy efficient design standard for buildings, the principle aims to reduce energy requirements for heating and cooling.  Using rigorous design principles to ensure effective space planning, construction, insulation, and ventilation, Passivhaus’ maintain comfortable, almost constant internal temperatures throughout the year, resulting in significant energy cost savings and environmental benefits over the building’s lifetime.

Achieving Passivhaus certification requires rigorous adherence to specific criteria, verified by independent accredited Passivhaus Certifiers.

The Property:

This project replaces a 1950s dwelling with a detached 215m² Passivhaus featuring a connected 22m² store/workshop and a carport.  Constructed with a timber frame, integrating high levels of insulation and airtight membrane, and finished with stone, slate, and timber cladding, the structure integrates naturally with its surroundings. The property is equipped with an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) and Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system, continuously maintaining a comfortable ambient temperature. Electricity is generated through solar / photovoltaic (PV) panels integrated into the carport roof. The result is a fabulous home that not only enhances occupants’ lives but significantly reduces energy use and costs, and in so doing minimises its environmental footprint.


Engaged as Quantity Surveyors, MEA Construction Consultants managed all aspects of cost planning, tendering, on-site valuations, and final account agreements on this build, ensuring seamless execution delivered to budget.

Huge credit goes out to a fantastic project team including:

Architect/CA: CaSA, Bath

Quantity Surveyor: MEA Clark

Civil/Structural Engineer: Giraffe, Chippenham

Passivhaus Certifier: Etude, London

Main Contractor: Make Projects, Bristol

Considering a Passivhaus?

If you are contemplating a Passivhaus project, taking on an experienced quantity surveyor as early as possible can ensure you benefit from effective cost management, procurement and risk mitigation optimising the construction process and enhancing the long-term value of your investment.  Please reach out to our team to find out what we can do for your project

Passivhaus Passivhaus Veranda Passivhaus Side